Many of you have watched our videos here at  What you may not know is all these videos are available on YouTube as well, where we just hit 1000 Subscribers.  To subscribe to a YouTube channel means that when you go to YouTube you will see videos from the channels you subscribe to.  So for example when you subscribe to the TrainASDI channel you will see on your YouTube homepage new videos that we have made.  So if you like our videos head on over to YouTube and subscribe by either searching TranASDI or click subscribe here at our channel.  Videos are posted about once a week so subscribing is a great way to keep up.

Look forward to see many more videos on our YouTube channel.  Videos include firearms tactics, concealed carry options, firearms reviews, and much more.  Also feel free to send us messages or leave comments on YouTube about what videos you would lie to see us shoot.  For example if there is a type of ammo you would like to see us test, tell us and we will do our best to test it in a video and tell you what we think.

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