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Can I carry a gun while wearing a mask in Utah?

Yes, you can carry a gun while wearing a mask in Utah. Utah has no law that prohibits wearing a mask while openly carrying or conceal carrying a firearm.

Where do I start?

For most beginners, we recommend starting with the Utah Concealed Carry Course. If you are not interested in a Concealed Firearm Permit we recommend the NRA’s basic pistol course. Both classes can be taken together at a discount rate. Either of these courses will provide a beginner with a basic knowledge of armed self defense, firearm safety, and other basic firearm skills. Even if you are not interested in getting a Concealed Firearm Permit we suggest that maybe you take the course for the training you will receive and then decided later if you wish to proceed to get your permit.

For more experienced shooters, the ASDI's Self Defense in the Home course is recommended or you can arrange for a customized private course.

What are Utah's CCW Requirements?

To obtain your concealed carry permit you must meet all of the following:

  • Be at least 18 Years of age (18-20 year olds will receive the provisional permit)
  • Complete the ASDI Concealed Firearm course, just $45.00
  • Demonstrate pistol familiarity
  • Pay required fees to the BCI and FBI (currently $53.25 for Utah residents and $63.25 for non-residents) for required background checks
  • Must be able to pass an FBI background check with no felonies or violent crimes

What is the total cost of Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

The current total cost for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is $113.25. This cost consists of our class fee of $45.00, $15.00 for a passport quality photo and delivery to the BCI, and $53.25 for FBI and State of Utah background checks. The background check fee is $63.25 for non-Utah residents making the total for a nonresident $123.25.  The $15.00 fee referenced above is an optional service we provide that includes the required passport quality photo and delivery of your application to the Utah BCI. If you don't use that service the cost will be $98.25 plus the cost of the photo you purchase and the cost of mailing or delivering your application yourself. Fingerprinting & Passport photo services will not be provided at drive-in classes or during times when social distancing is recommended or required by the government.

How long are the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit classes?

All Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Classes are 4 hours long. 

Does the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit course include range time or a shooting qualification?

No, Utah does not require any range time or shooting qualification to get a Utah Concealed Weapons Permit.  While the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit course does not include range time we highly recommend all students obtain additional live fire training from us or another qualified instructor.

Can I get a Utah Permit without being a Utah resident?

Yes, you can but it may require an additional step.  If your home state honors the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit then you must first obtain a permit from your home state.  If your home state does not honor the Utah permit then all you need to do is take a class just like Utah residents.  The place to check for the most updated info on this is You can also just see our map here, if your state is black on the map you won't need a permit from there first to get one Fromm Utah, if it is not you need to first get your home state's permit.  Many of our students are from other states and just haven't gotten a Utah drivers license yet.  In that case, you can get your temporary Utah Driver's license before or after taking your class and submit that with your application as long as the temporary ID has your photo. 

Can I get a permit before I turn 21?

Yes, the legislature recently passed HB 198 which allows for persons age 18-20 to receive a provisional permit.  The provisional permit will work the same way as the standard Utah Concealed Firearm Permit with one restriction, persons holding the provisional permit are restricted from carrying a firearm on or near private/public elementary schools or secondary school premises (K-12).  HB 198 was signed by the Governor, it became law May 9th, 2017.  All of our classes meet the requirements for the provisional and standard permits,18-20 year-olds may register for any of our upcoming classes.   If you wish to get you permit as soon as possible we recommend that you take one of our classes and have us submit your application for you.  Doing this will ensure you get your permit as quickly as possible. Click here for a list of upcoming classes.

If you are interested in getting your permit, but are not yet 21, click here and we will keep you updated on details regarding the provisional permit. 

What is the Utah Provisional Concealed Firearm Permit?

In 2017 Utah passed HB 198 allowing for 18-20 year olds to obtain a Provisional Utah Concealed Carry Permit.  This permit does the same things as the standard permit with two exceptions.  A provisional permit holder may not possess a firearm on or about public/private elementary schools or secondary school premises (k-12).  Also, the provisional permit expires on the holder's 21st birthday.

On or after the permit holder's 21st birthday they can apply for the Standard Utah permit.  To apply they will follow all the normal steps of getting the Standard Utah permit.  This includes submitting a complete application, fingerprint card, a new photo, copy of their driver's license, and a copy of their provisional permit.  The copy of the provisional permit, as long as it isn't more than a year expired, will take the place of the normal class and they will not need to retake the class.

To help make upgrading to the standard permit easier we offer a service for just $20.00 that takes care of it all.  All you need to do show up at the beginning of any of our classes close to your 21st birthday or up to 9 months after.  There we will; fingerprint you, take your photo, walk you through the application, copy your driver's license and provisional permit, and take care of delivering your application to the BCI for processing.  You won't have to take the class, you shouldn't be there for more than 15-20 minutes, and you will leave with nothing left to do to get your standard Utah Concealed Carry Permit.  If you want a refresher on concealed carry and Utah law as part of the service you are welcome to sit in on the entire class, though it is not required to upgrade your permit.

Can I take a concealed carry class before I turn 18?

No, a concealed carry class is not considered valid unless taken on or after your 18th birthday.

Can you upgrade my provisional permit to the standard Utah permit?

Yes, to simplify this whole process we offer a $20.00 Provisional Permit Upgrade Service.  Before your 21st birthday or up to 9 months after, just attend any of our classes.  At the beginning of the class, a class administrator will help you complete the entire upgrade packet including fingerprinting you, taking your photo, and helping you through the application.  The whole process shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. After your application packet is complete we deliver it to the BCI.  At that point, you can head home or attend the class as a non-required refresher course.

Is a provisional permit required before I can obtain the standard Utah concealed carry permit?

No, the provisional permit is not like a learner’s driving permit.  You are not required to get a provisional permit prior to obtaining a standard concealed carry permit.  If you are 21 or turning 21 within a year you can take a concealed carry class and apply directly for the standard permit on or after your 21st birthday. The provisional permit is for those who want to receive a concealed carry permit before they turn 21 years old.

Can I purchase a Handgun in Utah before I turn 21 years old?

Per 18 USC § 922(b)(1) a Federal Firearms Dealer may not sell a handgun to someone younger than 21 years of age.  This includes gun stores, pawn shops, sporting goods stores, pretty much any retail location legally selling firearms.  This does not mean as someone under 21 you cannot legally purchase a handgun in Utah.  An 18 year old or older who is otherwise legally allowed to own a firearm can purchase handguns through a legal private sale.  All of the above age restrictions also apply to ammunition typically used in handguns until you turn 21.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held in various cities and locations across Utah.  Currently, we offer monthly classes in Logan, Ogden, Layton, Salt Lake City, West Valley, Lehi, Provo, Cedar City, and St George.  We do offer classes in other cities less frequently.  We can also set up private classes in your home or business if you have a large group.  To contact us regarding a private class click here.

How long until I receive my Utah Concealed Carry Permit after submitting the application?

After submitting your application to the BCI they will charge your credit card $53.25 ($63.25 for non-residents) or cash your check. They will usually charge your card about 3-6 weeks after receiving your application. Once you see your card charged or check cashed you should receive your Utah Concealed Firearm Permit 45-60 days later. If you are concerned that you have not received your permit please call the BCI. However, the BCI is very busy processing permits, please do not call until more than 60 days after your card has been charged. Utah BCI Phone Number: (801) 965-4445

Is there a "Drill Instructor" Mentality?

No, there is no “Drill Instructor” mentality. The environment of all ASDI classes is on in which everyone can learn and feel free to ask the question about the things they most want to know about.

What do I need to bring?

For all classes, you must bring a government-issued picture ID. Each class will have different requirements, please see your course's description for more information or contact us if you have specific questions.  For the Utah Concealed Weapons Permit class just bring our drivers license.

Are there one-on-one classes available?

Yes, personal classes can be arranged as requested. Private classes can be arranged simply by clicking here or calling us at (801) 613-2734.

Are there group rates?

There are not pre-set group rates for classes but if you have a group of 8 or more feel free to contact us here or call us at (801) 613-2734.

Are there military discounts?

Yes, there are! We are very proud to support our military and first responders. At each Utah Concealed Weapons Permit class, we provided a $15.00 “photo and delivery service”.  Military and first responders can simply show an appropriate badge or ID at the class and receive that service free of charge. Thanks so much for your service!

What should I expect from my class at ASDI?

Expect to be treated with respect in a safe learning environment. Expect all of the teachers to be helpful and courteous. The instructors here at ASDI work hard to create a great learning environment, and that is why you will not see any sort of “Drill Instructor” mentality from any of them. Expect to have your questions answered and come away knowing the thing you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

How is safety on the range handled?

In the classroom, no live ammunition will be allowed. Dummy ammunition will be provided as needed in the classroom. Even with the firearms unloaded or using dummy ammunition the firearms will be treated as if they were loaded and all safe firearm handling rules will be followed by students and instructors. On the range, loaded firearms will be allowed under instructor supervision and limited based on the students’ experience. Limited numbers of students will be allowed to shoot at the same time based upon how many instructors are present to supervise.

Why train with ASDI?

The reason you should train with ASDI is because firearms training is more than just marksmanship. Firearms training is about knowing what to do before, during, and after you use your firearm in self defense. Often time firearms training is about getting out of a situation without having to use your firearm. What it really comes down to is that when you are in a life or death situation you will not rise to the occasion you will fall to your highest level of training.

Are there classes for families?

Yes, we have courses for entire families that can be tailored to fit the ages and size of the families. At the end of these courses, the whole family will have a complete understanding of firearms safety, firearms handling, and the basics of how to fire a firearm safely.

Can my spouse attend if they already have, or do not want the Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

In this case, your spouse is more than welcome to attend. If they have their permit already they can come simply to be with you and learn more about concealed carry. If they do not have their permit they can still attend without paying for the course. If later they decided they wish to obtain a permit they can simply; pay the course fee, fill out the paperwork, fingerprint card, and submit their completed application to receive their permit. Seating for a spouse or any non-paying guest is based on availability, to guarantee your spouse a seat you have register and pay for thier seat.

What clothing should I wear?

Each class is a little different and has its own requirements, so be sure to check the course description for the class you are taking. In general, for all classes that have live fire require long pants and closed toed shoes. Always keep in mind the weather as some of our courses are taught outdoors. The Concealed Firearm Permit Classes are taught indoors, so wear what you are most comfortable in.

Why should a Californian get a Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit?

The Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is honored in 30 states. This makes travelling with a firearm easier, especially to bordering states Nevada and Arizona. Many Californians can't even get a California Concealed License which makes travelling out of state more difficult. Even those who can get the California license find that many of the states that they travel to don't honor California's permit, but they do honor Utah's permit. Also, Utah's permit is very affordable to maintain, no renewal class or re-qualification, just some paperwork and $25.00 every 5 years. Any way you look at it, it's one of the most valuable permits to have in your wallet.

What is the total cost of getting a Non-Resident Utah Concealed Carry permit in California?

The current total cost for the Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, for a Californian taking a class located in California, is $203.24. This cost consists of our class fee of $139.99 and $63.25 for FBI background check and Non-Resident Utah State fees. The course fee includes; paperwork, passport quality photo, a copy of your California Driver’s License, and fingerprinting service, you will leave class with nothing left to do. The state and background check fees can be paid via check written to the Utah BCI or by putting a credit card number in the space provided on the application.

After taking a Non-Resident Utah Permit course in California, from ASDI, what else do I need to do?

After taking the course there is nothing left to do.  During the class we walk you through all of the paperwork, take your picture for the permit, take your fingerprints, etc.  When class is over your entire application will be complete and we will deliver it to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (Utah BCI) for processing.

Can I conceal carry in California with a Utah Non-Resident Concealed Weapons Permit?

No, unfortunately, California does not honor concealed weapons permits from other states.  However, more than half of the states do honor Utah's non-resident permit making it one you should have in your wallet when you travel.

What are Colorado's Concealed Handgun Permit requirements?

Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-203 requires you obtain "A training certificate from a handgun training class" taught by "A firearms safety course or class that is offered and taught by a certified instructor." All of our instructors are NRA certified in instructors as well as having additional training and certifications. Once you receive a qualifying training certificate you visit your local sheriff's office. At the sheriff's office, you will fill out your application, be fingerprinted, and have your photo taken. Once all that is completed the sheriff's office will accept your completed application including your training certificate and submit it. As long as you don't have a disqualifying criminal record, Colorado will issue you a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit in the mail.

To Qualify for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit, the following is required:

  • A legal resident of Colorado*
  • 21 Years old or older
  • Is eligible to possess a firearm pursuant to federal law and CRS 18-8-503
  • Has not been convicted of perjury under section 18-8-503, in relation to information provided or deliberately omitted on a permit application submitted
  • Does not chronically and habitually use alcoholic beverages to the extent that the applicant's normal faculties are impaired
  • Is not an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance
  • Is not subject to a protection order

*If you are a military member or immediate family to a military member, stationed in Colorado on orders you will be treated as a Colorado resident for purposes of the Concealed Handgun Permit.

How long is the Colorado Concealed Carry Permit class?

3 hours is the length of the Colorado Concealed Carry class.

What is the total cost of receiving a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit?

To obtain a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit you must obtain a certificate of training, pay the state fee, and be fingerprinted and photographed at your local sheriff's office. The fingerprinting, photographing, and processing fee varies per county between $50-$100. The ASDI Colorado Concealed Carry class to receive your certificate costs $65.00. Colorado's state fee is $52.50. When you add it all up the total cost is about $182.49 - $232.49 depending on your counties processing fees. 

Does the Colorado Concealed Carry class include range time or a shooting qualification?

No, Colorado does not require any range time or shooting qualification to get a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.  While the Colorado Concealed Carry class does not include range time, we highly recommend all students obtain additional live fire training from us or another quality firearms training school.

What should I bring to my Colorado Concealed Carry Class?

All you need to bring to your Colorado Concealed Carry class is your State issued driver's license. If you are not a Colorado resident please click here.

After completing my Colorado Concealed Carry class, what else is left to do?

This class is the only class required to get your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Once you have completed the class you will receive a certificate that meets the requirements of Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-203 for obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit. You will take that to your local sheriff's office. There, they will photograph you, fingerprinting you, and help you fill out and submit your application. Some sheriffs' offices require you to make an appointment in advance; your instructor at your class will let you know about your specific county's policies. Once submitted your permit will show up in the mail.

After submitting my Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit application, how long before I receive my permit?

You should receive your permit in the mail around 90 days from the date of submission at the sheriff's office.

Can I obtain a Colorado non-resident concealed carry permit?

No, Colorado does not issue non-resident concealed carry permits. However, if you are a military member or immediate family to a military member, stationed in Colorado on orders you will be treated as a Colorado resident for purposes of the Concealed Handgun Permit.

If you are in Colorado but not a Colorado resident and would still like to get a permit click here.

Do I benefit from taking the Colorado Concealed Carry class if I am not a Colorado Resident?

If you are not a Colorado resident you do not qualify for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Even if you are not a Colorado resident you can still take the class and qualify for the Arizona Concealed Carry Permit. Arizona's non-resident permit is honored in 30 states and if you are a resident of Arizona it is honored in 37 states. So if you are traveling through the state for work and you wish to take the class you can and will still receive a great permit. Arizona does require two fingerprint cards to be completed by trained fingerprint technicians, we have a technician at each class and charge $20.00 to get your fingerprints completed at the class.

If you are a military member or immediate family to a military member, stationed in Colorado on orders you will be treated as a Colorado resident for purposes of the Concealed Handgun Permit.

What are Wyoming's Concealed Firearm Permit requirements?

To Qualify for the Wyoming Concealed Firearm Permit, the following is required:

  • A legal resident of Wyoming for 6 months or more
  • 21 Years old or older
  • Physically able to safely handle and operate a firearm
  • Is eligible to possess a firearm pursuant to 18 U.S.C. section 922(g) or W.S. 6-8-102
  • Has not been committed to a state or federal facility for the abuse of a controlled substance or convicted of a violation of the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act of 1971, W.S. 35-7-1001 through 35-7-1057 or similar laws of any other state or the United States relating to controlled substances.
  • Does not chronically or habitually use alcoholic liquor and malt beverages to the extent that his normal faculties are impaired.
  • Has not been committed to a mental institution
  • Is not currently adjudicated to be legally incompetent
  • Demonstrates familiarity with a firearm. (Course completion certificate required)

What is a Drive-in Concealed Carry Class?

A Drive-in Concealed Carry Class is a great way to get your concealed firearm permit during a time when social distancing is required. Drive-in classes are generally held at a drive-in movie theater. During the class, all social distancing and health guidelines are followed so that this event can happen safely. Students will remain comfortably seated in their vehicles throughout the entire class, and gloved staff will deliver application packets to each car, one for each student. Multiple members of the same household are welcome to come together in one vehicle. Once parked in the drive-in lot, students will tune their FM radios to the designated station so they will be able to hear the instructor from the comfort and safety of their vehicle. Students will not be allowed to sit in chairs outside of their vehicles, in the back of trucks, or in the back of SUVs with the back open. Students are encouraged to bring something hard to write on, snacks, and drinks.

How does the Drive-In Concealed Carry Class comply with social distancing safety measures?

Our Drive-In Concealed Carry Classes are in complete compliance with the social distancing directives put out by government officials. Students are to remain in their vehicles for the duration of the class and they will be attended to by gloved staff from a safe distance for all of their needs. Sanitized restrooms will be available to students if absolutely necessary.

How will bathrooms and social distancing be handled at drive-in classes?

Restrooms are available if absolutely needed, but there will be a process. There will be stanchions along the outside of the building that are 10 feet apart. Please line up at the next available stanchion with your vehicle group and proceed to the next stanchion when it becomes unoccupied. There will be an employee directing traffic so only one group will be allowed in at a time and bathrooms will be sanitized between each use.

What do I need to do after the Drive-In Concealed Carry Class to get my permit?

In order to get your permit after you have completed the class, you will need a completed fingerprint card and a passport quality photo. Fingerprint cards can be completed at the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification in Taylorsville, local law enforcement offices, and many city administration buildings. Passport quality photos can be taken at Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, and many other retail locations. Then submit the completed application, completed fingerprints, photo, and a copy of your driver's license to the Utah BCI by mail or in person.

Will fingerprinting and passport photos be done at Drive-In Concealed Carry Classes?

No, fingerprinting and passport photo services will not be provided at Drive-In Concealed Carry Classes. Unfortunately, neither can be provided because neither allows for proper social distancing due to the fact that students and staff would be in close proximity during the process.