For Halloween we had the First Annual “Armed Self Defense Institute Pumpkin Shoot”.  Basically, we went out and shot pumpkins with various handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  It doesn’t have a lot to do with self defense training or even concealed weapons permits, but it was a ton of fun and shooting should be fun.  We filled a couple of the pumpkins with water to get a better explosion and sure enough we go it.  The 12 gauge slug shot into a pumpkin was by far one of the best as the pumpkin went everywhere including hitting the camera.

The pumpkin shoot was so much fun that it will be a yearly event.  Future Pumpkin shoots will be open to the public.  For your invite “like” us on facebook here!/pages/Armed-Self-Defense-Institute/138644536155322.

See the video of the Pumpkin Shoot here