Why you should consider carrying a firearm every day

IWB Concealed CarryMost of us will never encounter a situation in which we will need a firearm; however, should such an occasion arise nothing else will do.  There are many reasons to carry a firearm; here are just 3 reasons why you should consider carrying a concealed firearm every time you leave the house.

1. To protect yourself and those you love anywhere you are

This is of course the obvious answer but sometimes the most overlooked.  Many people have firearms, home security systems, dead bolted doors, etc, to protect them and their family when they are at home.  But when they leave the house they also leave all of that protection behind.  Why try so hard to make your home safe but not your car, work, and family outings?  Obviously you can't bring your security system and locked doors with you, but you can bring your gun and any training you have received.  That gun is essentially your mobile security system, whether you are at the local grocery store, the movie theater, or church on Sunday.  You lock you doors at night; why not take your gun with you when you leave your home each day?

2. You never know when or where you will need it

Often we hear people say they don't carry their firearm because they won't go places where they need one.  But that just doesn't make sense; none of us go places where we think we "need a gun".  Most of us don't go to work, school, or the movies thinking "I am probably going to need a gun to make it home safe."  On the contrary, most of us leave home everyday confident we are going to make it home safe.  If we knew when and where we would need a gun, we would simply not go there.  The problem is we never know when or where we will need our firearm.  That is why carrying a gun everyday is the only way to ensure that you have it when you actually "need it".  So pick the right gun for you that fits your lifestyle that won't get left behind so you will have it when you need it most.

3. It gives you an unfair advantage

Frank Mir Former UFC Champion

Like it or not, you are not the biggest, fastest, or strongest person alive.  You probably aren't a Kung Fu master that can fight ten men all at once.  Chances are when someone attacks you, they believe they have the advantage, either physically or by having you out numbered.  If you don't have a gun they are probably right.

Former UFC Heavy Weight Champion, Frank Mir, is huge and one of the most dangerous men alive but even he carries a gun. He said,

I’m a 280-pound guy who’s been training in martial arts since he was four years old, I don’t go anywhere without a gun and a knife, but I do that for my own self-protection.

Why does a champion heavy weight fighter need to carry a gun?  He understands that if he were attacked outside the cage the person or group intends to win and believes they can.  He understands his strength and size won't give him the advantage but a gun will.

Carrying a firearm is a big responsibility with huge benefits

While there are many reasons to carry a firearm, I only listed 3.  Carrying a firearm comes the obligation to do so safely and responsibly.  It comes with the responsibility to get training on how to use the firearm effectively, efficiently, and safely.  Without this training the benefits of carrying a firearm are diminished or non-existent.  On the other hand, the benefits of carrying a firearm can be magnified with quality training and practice.  Taking a good concealed carry class is a great start, but don't stop there. Get more training and knowledge to increase your confidence, safe handling, and skill with you firearm.