Is It Bulletproof? - The Frozen Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from the Armed Self Defense Institute! In the spirit of Thanksgiving we featured a video on our YouTube page called “Is it bulletproof ep 3 – The Frozen Turkey”. This is of course part of a series we are doing entitled “Is it bulletproof”. Here is the link to the video, but before you look what do you think, is a frozen turkey bulletproof? One last thought, as Americans we have plenty to be thankful for, but just remember to be thankful for our freedom and our right to bare arms. It is this right to bare arms that protects all out other rights. It is this right that allows us to have concealed firearms to protect ourselves. But remember that being grateful for this right isn’t enough, “A right un-exorcised will be lost”. Be thankful for this right and exercise it by getting a Utah concealed firearms permit, concealed weapons permit, concealed handgun permit, or whatever it is called in your state. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!