Your Concealed Weapons Permit Class Was a Great First Step

You took your class and have received your concealed weapons permit. What do you do now? The answer is simple get some more training. Whether you have an Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, or Utah Concealed Weapons permit or even some other firearms permit from another state, the training was very minimal. Some states require more training than others to get a concealed weapons permit but regardless I recommend getting some more training. Most classes cover the laws and the basic self defense topics, some even have live fire. The fact of the matter is if you get into a gun fight with just your concealed carry class to fall back on you are very likely to loose. More training from a qualified “Self Defense Firearms Instructor” will give you the skills and abilities to defend yourself if the time comes. A self defense instructor will not just focus on marksmanship but other things like the balance between speed and accuracy, what kind of cover and concealment to use and how to use it. They will discuss topics of home defense and how to do it and particularly how not to do it. Such instructors can be found locally through shooting ranges, the InternetFirearms Training, or word of mouth. Also they can be found at top shooting schools around the nation. Now of course we also provide top quality armed self defense courses. We offer private as well as group classes, but if you don’t get training through us we still recommend you get training through others such as Front Sight, Gun Sight, or Thunder Ranch. These are schools that are capable of giving the kind of training discussed here. If you are interested in training give us a call or an e-mail and we can discuss the training that would be right for your. The key here is get more training. When you get into a self defense situation you will not rise to the occasion, but you will fall to the highest level of training that you have. When you get into that self defense situation lets hope your concealed carry class isn’t the highest level of train you fall back on.